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Facts about the Collection

The collection consists of twenty paintings arranged in sequence with augmented reality multimedia components that can be accessed with a smartphone.

It started in 2021 and has already achieved tremendous success since its debut in Miami during the art week and Art Basel Miami.


Why was the story of Romeo and Juliet chosen for this collection? Here are the main reasons:

Timeless Love Story: Romeo and Juliet’s tale is one of the most iconic love stories in literature.

Its universal themes of love, passion, and tragedy resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, making it an ideal subject for artistic exploration.

Emotional Depth: The story offers a profound emotional journey, filled with intense feelings of love, conflict, and loss.

This emotional richness provides a deep well of inspiration for creating evocative and impactful art.


Personal Connection: One of the significant reasons is that Alex, the artist, is from Verona, the very city where the story of Romeo and Juliet is set.

This personal connection adds a layer of authenticity and emotional depth to the collection, making it even more special.

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Romeo and Juliet

It still speaks volumes

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is considered by many to be the most famous love story of all time.

The tragic romance between Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, two children from feuding families in Verona, Italy, has captivated readers for over 400 years.

Overview of the collection

The “Romeo and Juliet” collection by Alex Righetto, titled “Romeo & Juliet The Metamorphosis,” presents a unique reinterpretation of the classic tale. Rather than meeting their tragic fate, the collection explores the idea of Romeo and Juliet “killing” their childish egos as a metaphor for personal growth and transformation.

The narrative invites viewers to contemplate a scenario where the characters must conquer their inner darkness to discover true love, offering a fresh perspective on the iconic story

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An Audio Introduction by Alex Righetto

Engage with the audio introduction of Romeo and Juliet Collection by Alex Righetto

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Introduction To The Project

Discover the inspiration behind Righetto’s collection and his unique take on the world-renowned story.

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Behind the Collection's Narrative:

Through this classic perspective, Alex Righetto chose to revisit and pay tribute to the Shakespeare's story, but with a twist: what would have happened if Romeo and Juliet had not died?

Obtaining thus a story without precedent.

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Robert Downey JR as Friar Lawrence

Explore the unique portrayal of Friar Lawrence, as embodied by Robert Downey Jr., whose visage brings a contemporary edge to this age-old narrative.

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The Plot Of The Collection

Unravel the narrative thread of the 'Romeo e Julietta' collection, where each piece is a moment frozen in the tapestry of a timeless love story

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The Original Plot of Romeo and Juliet

Reacquaint yourself with the original plot of Romeo and Juliet, the foundation upon which the 'Romeo e Julietta' collection builds its narrative arc.

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Verona In the World

Alex Righetto finds that his Verona-themed collection captivates American audiences, highlighting the Italian roots of Shakespeare's inspiration, thus enriching Verona's global image.

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Renaissance Italy

Alex Righetto explains why the Romeo and Juliet collection is centered in the context of the Italian Renaissance.

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Connect With the Collection:

Discover why the Author decided to choose Romeo and Juliet as a "canvas".

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Overview of the Paintings

A preview of each painting with a description and the technical details of the artwork

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Description of the Paintings

A brief overview of the story through the paintings, to understand the fundamental narrative.

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Key Moments in the Story

Access the paintings of my collection ‘Romeo and Juliet The Metamorphosis’ and immerse yourself in their detailed descriptions. Each work is a visual narrative, a fragment of a larger story that reveals the emotional transformation of the protagonists.

Check out the paintings

The Portrait Of Juliet Watercolor on Paper

Juliet Portrait

The initial phase of the story primarily serves as a comparative representation of the psychological states of the two young protagonists.

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Verona on her mind - Watercolor on paper

Verona on her mind

Juliet on the surface appears calm, but she is trapped by the desires and expectations of her parents.

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Romeo’s Portrait - Watercolor on Paper

Romeo’s Portrait

Similar to the portrait of Juliet we have the portrait of Romeo. Rich, handsome, and yet melancholic like Juliet.

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Pain is Close to Pleasure - Watercolor and gouache on paper

Pain is Close to Pleasure

He’s tormented by selfish desires and impulses, aimed solely at his own personal gratification.

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Being Pulled Apart - ink and watercolor on paper

Being Pulled Apart

In a profound state of distress, Juliet appears shattered. The painting depicts her as if she’s tearing pieces from herself, to the point of seeming on the verge of disintegration.

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Moment Of Truth - watercolor, spray and ink on canvas

Moment of Truth

This painting marks a turning point, the beginning of transformation. Juliet realizes that change requires letting go of a part of herself.

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Emotions of Romeo - ink and watercolor on paper

Emotion of Romeo

As a result of being unable to truly “love” the person he just met at a party, Romeo delves even deeper into his internal turmoil.

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The Balcony Scene - Ink and Watercolor on canvas

The Balcony Scene

This painting is the centerpiece, depicting the iconic balcony scene between Romeo and Juliet. This is probably the most significant piece in the collection, as it illuminates the fundamental dynamic upon which their relationship is based.

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Light And Shadows - Watercolor on Canvas

Light and Shadows

The collection culminates in a theatrical and symbolic gesture: the elimination of one’s negative self, a necessary sacrifice to stay beside the loved one.

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The Wedding - Mixed media on paper

The Wedding

This unique watercolor painting features Robert Downey Jr as Friar Lorenz, the man who orchestrated Romeo and Juliet’s secret plan.

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The Killing of Juliet’s ego - watercolor ink and acrylic on paper

Taming of Juliet’s ego

The painting beautifully captures the pivotal moment when Juliet silences her own selfishness.

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Life After Life - Watercolor on paper

Life After Life

The final piece represents a conclusion that heralds a future.
This painting underscores the importance of resilience and dedication needed to overcome challenges and achieve a genuine happy ending.

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Experience the Metamorphosis

Experience the Metamorphosis:

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