Verona on her mind

Juliet on the surface appears calm, but she is trapped by the desires and expectations of her parents.

Juliet’s Inner World

The painting provides a deeply introspective portrait of Juliet. The colors used are not random but rather manifestations of her emotions. The lines, created from drops of color, construct a kind of “cage,” representing the emotional and physical confinement she is experiencing.

This image symbolizes Juliet’s psychological state, imprisoned and oppressed by familial expectations and impositions, which keep her bound and, in a way, enslaved.

In ‘Verona’, the inner self of Juliet is revealed

The vibrant color palette captures the spectrum of her emotions, forming a stark contrast to the gentle shades that compose the portrait of her masked persona. The strands of color that drip and mingle create a web of emotion under which she is trapped, and her eyes now glow with feeling. The ladder poised above her head is a historical symbol of the powerful La Scala family, who ruled in Verona from the 13th-14th centuries for 125 years.

The Italian “Scala” can be translated as “ladder” and the emblem evokes the dynastic struggles of Juliet’s time, in which marriages of convenience were an essential aspect.

This artwork delves into the depths of Juliet’s psyche, revealing the complexities that lie beneath the surface.