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Since Alex Righetto’s collection was initially created for an American audience, he thought of using a familiar character to make it more relatable to them. The American actor Robert Downey Jr. agreed to have his likeness used for the artwork, on the condition that any profits from the piece be donated to charity. Righetto finds it intriguing to draw a parallel between Friar Lawrence, a character in the story who is neither completely good nor wholly bad, and the persona of the American actor. Downey Jr., after a tumultuous past linked to drugs, managed to redeem himself, becoming a symbol of success through his role as Iron Man in the renowned Marvel series.

The Wedding - Detail
A detail from the painting 'The Wedding' highlighting the face of Robert Downey Jr.

It can also be seen as a touch of irony: the idea of linking a modern-day superhero to a story that’s 500 years old was too enticing to resist. I hope Shakespeare can forgive me for this choice.

Alex Righetto