We are thrilled to announce a new way to experience the timeless saga of love and tragedy through the eyes of contemporary artist Alex Righetto. Delve into the “Romeo e Juliet” collection with an exclusive audio introduction now available on SoundCloud.

In this captivating audio guide, Righetto himself takes you behind the scenes of his celebrated collection, which reimagines the classic story of Romeo and Juliet with a modern twist. With each stroke of his brush, Righetto breathes new life into this iconic tale, and through his words, listeners will gain insights into the emotions and techniques that shape his work.

The “Romeo e Juliet” collection is not just an artistic endeavor but a sensory journey that Alex Righetto has meticulously crafted. This audio introduction enhances that journey, allowing art enthusiasts and newcomers alike to explore the depths of each piece from the comfort of their homes.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear directly from the artist about his creative process and inspirations. Tune in to the audio guide on SoundCloud here and let Alex Righetto’s passion for art and storytelling transport you to the heart of Verona, where every canvas tells a story.