Pain is Close to Pleasure

He’s tormented by selfish desires and impulses, aimed solely at his own personal gratification.

The painting captures Romeo’s emotional state at the beginning of the story. He’s clearly tormented by an attraction that seems to focus more on the physical than on the spiritual essence of the person he desires. It’s an expressionist portrait that highlights the deeper, introspective aspects of the young man.

Romeo’s Inner Turmoil

In ‘Pain is close to pleasure’, we step inside the turbulent mind of Romeo and the torments of his unrequited love for Rosaline. By employing a striking mixture of black-and-white and color portraiture, the artist captures Romeo’s unreturned love for Rosaline.

Romeo’s character acquires a new depth and intensity, as he ricochets between passion and despair, so inextricably intertwined. In this interpretation, we delve deeper into the depths of Romeo’s emotions. This marks the beginning of a young man’s choice to defy society for the sake of love. His bold decision to love Rosaline, a Capulet, leads him on a tumultuous journey of rebellion and self-destruction, forcing him to confront the depths of his own ego.