Light and Shadows

The collection culminates in a theatrical and symbolic gesture: the elimination of one’s negative self, a necessary sacrifice to stay beside the loved one.

In the artwork, love shines forth with the symbolic power of the rose, which emerges as the brightest and most dominant element in the composition. Juliet holds this rose close to her, which seems to possess the ability to banish her darkness and spread a purifying light, thereby dispelling negative energies.

The image profoundly underscores the notion that love, whether for oneself or for others, is the essence and catalyst of a true and lasting transformation.

Journey of Healing

This artwork serves as a poignant reminder that within each of us lies the potential for growth and evolution. As Juliet confronts her fears and imperfections with unwavering determination, she transforms and blossoms. It stands as a testament to the boundless capacity for transformation within us all, and the relationship between self-awareness, personal growth, and the power of love.

Rendered in exquisite watercolors, Juliet finds light in the darkness and does not shy away from encountering the fears that hold her back. Offering a new perspective on the classic tale, this delicate and insightful portrayal reflects on the courage it takes to look into the depths of yourself and become vulnerable in the eyes of your beloved.