Emotion of Romeo

As a result of being unable to truly “love” the person he just met at a party, Romeo delves even deeper into his internal turmoil.

The critical element that inspired this painting is the fact that Juliet represents the second girl Romeo falls “deeply” in love with, even though he doesn’t really know her.

Within the “Emotions of Romeo” collection, Romeo grapples with the spectrum of emotion that accompanies loving someone incapable of reciprocation.

His pain and despair are poignantly evident, yet a glimmer of hope radiates from his eyes. Love, in all its glory, can be both exquisitely beautiful and heartbreakingly tragic.

Romeo’s plight is a characteristically human one: the extreme dualities of love and its profound impact on our lives reverberates through art and literature across the centuries. These paintings dwell with Romeo in his blissful despondency and represents his triumph in refusing to give in to despair.