Life After Life

The final piece represents a conclusion that heralds a future.This painting underscores the importance of resilience and dedication needed to overcome challenges and achieve a genuine happy ending.

The concluding artwork symbolizes an epilogue that opens the doors to a new beginning. It’s not a sugar-coated or reality-distorted representation, as it clearly highlights how reaching such a stage requires a journey marked by pain and sacrifice. The painting emphasizes the value of resilience and commitment, essential elements in confronting and overcoming adversity, leading to a genuinely happy ending. Now, at last, Romeo and Juliet are free to love each other without barriers.

Infinite Love

Shakespeare’s prologue fates Romeo and Juliet for tragedy from the very beginning, yet in this reinterpretation, Romeo and Juliet live. Having confronted their deepest fears and torments, Romeo and Juliet get married and embark on a life together, graced by the arrival of their newborn child. Instead of choosing death, the lovers choose life.

They are transformed from star-crossed youths fated to die and embark on a distinct path where love can blossom and transform. This painting exults in the possibility of ‘eternal love’ and the demands it makes of us to metamorphose.

This unique perspective breathes new life into the narrative, transforming it into a wellspring of inspiration and optimism.