Alex RighettoBy Alex Righetto1 Minutes

Born in the province of Verona, Alex Righetto was introduced to the fame and significance of Romeo and Juliet very early in his existence.

“There were times when I even considered the story predictable and trivial. At other times, I perceived it as kitsch.

In my personal experience, as I believe happens to everyone, I’ve gone through numerous events and understood the importance of working on oneself to establish a fruitful relationship.

All of us, in a way, have been Romeo and Juliet, and perhaps that’s what deeply resonates with us. Impossible love, eternal love, unrequited love… These are themes we’ve all grappled with.

The story of Romeo and Juliet, as I see it, suggests something that seems to elude many: neither Romeo nor Juliet had the personal maturity to handle the situations they found themselves in.”

Alex Righetto

The artist's Voice

Alex Righetto’s collection therefore focuses on metamorphosis, on the essential change. It is a struggle to overcome one’s inner darkness in order to discover true Love.

Perhaps a simple idea, but powerful and exhilarating. In this way, the plot becomes an inspiration for people.

Some might argue that it might be more useful to make young people understand that life, especially romantic life, is full of pain. Righetto does not share this view. He believes instead that people, especially the young, need positive intellectual stimuli and not solely tragic ones.