An ancient tale, a fresh perspective

Presented for the first time during Miami Art Basel 2021 and already seen by thousands in person, the story unfolds with an uncharted paradigm.

The artist’s idea was to capture the magnificence and purity of the original story and, by interpreting its structure, to identify a different ending.

Inner turmoil becomes a force for change.

The collection is a reflection and investigation of the changes that each of us must personally confront in order to maintain a relationship.

About the Collection
Meet The Artist

About the artist: Alex Righetto

Italian artist Alex Righetto, trained in Verona, is known for vibrant, narrative art with a modern take on European history.
Featured in Vanity Fair and Vogue, his work appeared in worldwide exhibitions.

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The Paintings

Access the paintings from my collection 'Romeo and Juliet The Metamorphosis'. Each work is a visual narrative, a fragment of a broader story that reveals the emotional transformation of the protagonists.

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Verona on her mind - Watercolor on paper
Being Pulled Apart - ink and watercolor on paper
Moment Of Truth - watercolor, spray and ink on canvas

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