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This catalog, sized A4 and uniquely finished, features glossy paper that intensifies the vibrancy of its images. It includes all paintings showcased at the exhibition, accompanied by detailed descriptions and artist notes, with each artwork equipped with a QR code for comprehensive explanations. Crafted with high-quality glossy paper, it ensures brilliant image reproduction, highlighting the details of each artwork. Additionally, the catalog now features QR codes for easy access to detailed explanations, enriching the cultural encounter with both technology and design.

Each painting is presented with vivid descriptions and technical details, inviting readers to explore the depth of Righetto’s vision. Perfect for art enthusiasts and romantics alike, this book is a journey through a story reborn, where the iconic lovers find enlightenment by conquering their inner darkness. Embrace this unique interpretation and add a new layer of understanding to the timeless saga of Romeo and Juliet.

The “Romeo & Juliet The Metamorphosis” by Alex Righetto,  offers several benefits for a diverse audience:


  1. Artistic Exploration: Offers an in-depth look at a classic story re-envisioned through modern art, inviting readers to explore the emotional layers of Romeo and Juliet’s tale.
  2. Educational Resource: Acts as a scholarly asset for those studying the intersection of literary themes with visual arts, exploring themes of love, conflict, and transformation.
  3. Cultural Appreciation: Enhances one’s cultural palette by presenting a beloved narrative through the lens of contemporary artistry.
  4. Detail-Oriented: Provides art aficionados with intricate details of artistic techniques and the creative journey behind each piece.
  5. Accessibility: The eBook format ensures that the beauty of the collection is just a click away, available on various devices for art lovers globally.


  1. Art Enthusiasts: Individuals passionate about exploring the convergence of art and literature through innovative interpretations.
  2. Academics and Learners: Educators and students in the fields of art, literature, and history who can utilize the eBook as a rich educational text.
  3. Shakespeare Admirers: Devotees of Shakespeare’s narratives eager to experience a visual rendition of his most famous love story.
  4. Art Collectors and Patrons: Those interested in acquiring or supporting art collections, offering them an intimate preview of the work.
  5. Broad Readership: A general readership seeking intellectual stimulation and a new perspective on a familiar story through an engaging digital format.

This Book is crafted not just as a gallery of art but as a narrative journey, providing an immersive experience that is both intellectually and aesthetically pleasing.

insideTable of Contents

  1. Foreword
    • Introduction by the Artist
    • The Vision of the Collection
  2. The Story Reimagined
    • The Classic Tale of Romeo and Juliet
    • “Romeo & Juliet The Metamorphosis”: A New Narrative
  3. Artwork Gallery
    • Painting 1: “Verona on Her Mind” – Juliet’s Inner Conflict
    • Painting 2: “Pain Close to Pleasure” – Romeo’s Turmoil
    • Painting 3: “Romeo’s Emotions” – The Chaos of Feelings
    • Painting 4: “Being Pulled Apart” – Juliet’s Reality
    • Painting 5: “Moment of Truth” – Juliet’s Choice
    • Painting 6: “The Balcony Scene” – Redefined Connection
    • Painting 7: “The Wedding” – Union Symbolized
    • Painting 8: “Light and Shadows” – Illuminating Love
    • Painting 9: “The Killing of Juliet’s Ego” – Sacrifice and Growth
    • Painting 10: “Life After Life” – A New Beginning
  4. Artist’s Interpretation
    • The Symbolism in the Artwork
    • The Metaphor of Transformation
  5. Technical Details of the Artworks
    • Medium and Techniques Used
    • Dimensions and Year of Creation
  6. Impact and Reception
    • Cultural Significance
    • Educational Contributions
  7. Ownership and Exhibition
    • Guidelines for Purchasing the Collection
    • Hosting and Sponsorship Information
  8. Conclusion
    • The Enduring Legacy of “Romeo & Juliet The Metamorphosis”
    • Final Thoughts by Alex Righetto
  9. Appendices
    • Artist Biography
    • Previous Exhibitions and Reviews
  10. Contact and Inquiries
    • Purchase Information
    • Institutional Collaboration and Sponsorship Details


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